I want to give you tools to help overcome obstacles. Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced uncomfortable situations. Some of us fail to speak up when it counts while others are afraid to say no. I’ve had and have my share of obstacles. With each roadblock, I attempt to study, learn and improve from it. I’m sharing my experiences with you in writing and through speaking.


My promise is to provide information you can actually use. Through my books, training and speaking, I will provide honest content based on my research and experience without filler.


I believe that we are all flawed people. We make mistakes daily. The challenge is learning from our mistakes. I’m a mistake master. But through each mistake there is an awesome adventure and cool lesson that helps me improve as person. I’d like for you to learn from my mistakes and adventures.

Thanks for Exploring my Website

I hope you find something here that improves some part of your life. If you see something you like, let me know. If you see something you don't like, let me know that too.


For almost two decades, my job in organizations was to identify and help fix problems that ended up saving them millions of dollars.

No matter where I worked, people were at the center of every problem as they often lacked the time, money or knowledge to do the job efficiently. The struggle to obtain those resources affected their behavior, interactions and performance.

Fascinated with people’s behavior in and out of the workplace, I realized there was a natural symbiosis between their professional and personal lives (i.e., things they do at home affect them at work and vice versa).

Over the years I struggled professionally to manage departments without enough funding to adequately perform the job. Personally I’ve struggled trying to find the time to balance work and family obligations, and to find the right resources to achieve my goals.

I started identifying my issues so I could learn how to overcome obstacles. For example, as a people pleaser I had a problem saying no, and wasted time on unproductive projects and people. I studied these problems thoroughly, and used this learning experience to become better at saying no, which I thankfully finally achieved!

My journey of self-improvement was the genesis behind writing and speaking about how people behave at home, at work, and in life in general. I hope that you join me in bettering myself so that you can become a better person as well.

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